ZN Technologies has been at the forefront of temperature-dependent warpage measurement in the microelectronics industry for years.

As the industry moves toward higher pitch BGAs, hyper BGAs, flip chips, thinner PCBs, etc., this type of analysis is becoming increasingly important for the prediction of interconnect defects such as bridges, shorts and opens.  Perhaps the biggest driver is the move towards lead-free processing, where higher temperatures exacerbate the thermo-mechanical deformation in the x, y and z directions.

Warpage measurement is becoming a must-have service for R&D/Failure Analysis labs worldwide.  Applications include: new product/design qualification, defect/failure analysis, process optimization,  x-y-z strain measurement, CTE measurement, solder ball coplanarity, environmental thermal cycling and reflow simulation. 

ZN Technologies is now offering warpage measurement lab services with 1 week turnaround and the lowest prices in the industry!  Contact us today to learn more!

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