Offering pre-owned Metrohm titration equipment and Mettler-Toledo analytical balances.

Metrohm is known worldwide as the technological leader in autotitration equipment.  With decades of experience and an unsurpassed history of innovation, Metrohm has become the de facto standard supplier for titration tools in industries that range from food/beverage and pharmaceuticals to biotech and chemicals.  With proper maintenance and care, Metrohm titrators can last an indefinite period of time!  Whether you are looking for potentiometric, volumetric, or Karl Fischer titrators, contact ZN first.

Mettler-Toledo analytical balances are renowned for accuracy and longevity.  Our pre-owned balances come fully calibrated and ready to use.  Contact us today to help you find the right balance for your application.

ZN offers 90-day warranties on all equipment, as well as installation/training and applications support.

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